Fencing on the Frozen Tundra

November 30, 2009

Good News, Bad News, & Other News

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Good news:

  • Information about registration can be found on the right of the screen there.

Bad news:

  • Due to some scheduling conflicts, we will not have the Turner Ballroom for the Saturday of the tournament.  We do have it for that Sunday.  We plan to split the tournament in two parts,  round robins and preliminaries on Saturday at the Marquette University Sala (and we now have the Marquette PR machine working in our favor, so that may end up being kind of cool) and the finals and open bouting at the Turners Sala on Sunday.  We are planning to have the tournament finish in the morning, and therefore hopefully won’t interfere with anybody’s travel plans.

Other news:

  • Watch this space for videos detailing such things as: an explanation of priority as we plan to use it in the tournament,  a sample of some of the fencing of Milwaukee CFSers (just to whet the appetite),  and anything else we can think of that might be interesting.  We will hopefully be taking the footage for these videos this week and have them up shortly thereafter.

And that’s it.



November 10, 2009

Rules are up

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The rules are up.  Fencers are advised to read through them carefully.  Questions can be asked in the comments, or emailed to milwaukeetourney@gmail.com

We’ve worked pretty hard thinking about these, so, while they may be a little unusual, we’re excited to give them a try in January.

November 4, 2009

Fencing on the Frozen Tundra

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Welcome to the home of Fencing on the Fencing on the Frozen Tundra!  We’ll be posting information soon on the tournament we’re holding January 30, 2010, at the Historic Turner Hall in Milwaukee.

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