Fencing on the Frozen Tundra

January 28, 2010

We’re on the radio!

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The Milwaukee Turners fencing program, and our upcoming event, “Fencing on the Frozen Tundra” are featured in an ad running on a local radio station, 88.9FM

A few photos and audio clips have been posted online.

Check it out here.


January 5, 2010

Time and Date of the Tournament

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[Edit]: The directions coming from the south were incorrect.  Please follow the corrected directions below.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Despite the problems we have had with finding and securing a venue for our tournament, we have now got a guaranteed place and time in which to fence.

The schedule for the Fencing on the Frozen Tundra 2010 tournament is this:

Saturday, January 30th:

11:30: The doors open at Turner Hall gym, and registration opens.

12:30: Registration closes.  If you want to register at the door, please do so before this time.

12:30: The tournament begins.  Today we will finish the round robin bouts, and all of the preliminary rounds and re-entry rounds.

After the tournament: The floor is open for free fencing, training, conversation, etc.

8:00pm: Dinner.  Dinner has been moved to Molly Cool’s, cater-corner to Turner Hall, just a minute or two walk.

Sunday, January 31st:

9:00: Doors open at Turner Hall Ballroom

10:00: Fencing begins.  On Sunday we finish the tournament with all the direct elimination rounds.

After the tournament: Open floor for fencing, training, conversation, etc.

The address for Turner Hall is 1034 N. 4th St., Milwaukee, WI 53203

This is on 4th street in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, between State St. and Highland Ave.  To get there from outside of downtown, take I-43.  Get off on the McKinley Ave exit (Whether you’re coming from north or south).  Take a left off the exit, which will put you onto Park Freeway going east.  This will turn into McKinley Ave.  Shortly after that (second stop light from the highway exit), take a right on 4th st.    Go two blocks and Turner Hall should be on the left side of the street.

Turners’ Gym is in the basement of Turner Hall.  It has its own door which might be a little hard to spot.  The main entrance will take you into Turner restaurant, and to the Ballroom.  To get to the gym, however, there is another door to the left of the main entrance as you’re facing the building.

There are also Locker rooms and Showers available for men and women at Turner Hall Gym.

Any questions as to directions or any other issues should be directed either at the comments below, or to milwaukeetourney@gmail.com

7th Incontro

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The text reads: “When two fencers launch an assault at the same moment, both are at fault.”

This is the most straightforward and intuitive of the incontri. If both fencers attack at the same time without making any attempt to protect themselves, they are both at fault.

6th Incontro

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EDITED Video posted

The text reads: “When, during an attack with an advance, the attacker stops or hesitates after the first step, and then invites or feints, thus provoking a counterattack, he is in error.”

This is perhaps the most complicated of the incontri. It defines the priority of entering into distance while making an attack. Implicitly, what this is saying is that the attack must be a single uninterrupted action. As long as it meets the other requirements for priority (line, time, and measure), the advancing attack has priority. However, if the advancing fencer pauses upon entering into distance, his attack has ended, and he no longer has priority. Any attack made after this pause is a second, separate attack, for which priority has to be established anew.

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