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February 20, 2011

Another Year, Another Tournament (Saturday April 9th)

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As you may have noticed from the news lately, we’re a bit wacky up in here in Wisconsin.  And while we try not to whack each other too hard when we fence, we do like trying some interesting things.

Thus our tournament this year.  We primarily fence in the Italian school, and have been working, in the last few years, with some of the most iconic weapons of the Italian school of fencing: the foil, the late rapier (or dueling sword), and the sabre.  We’ve decided to try to get together Italian fencers of all types and see how the school has evolved over time.  You poor unfortunates who fence to other schools are also welcome to attend, of course.  Maybe we can convince you to switch sides.

Our plan is this: A foil tournament will be held on the morning of April 9th, and probably into the afternoon.  A rapier/smallsword tournament will be held in the afternoon.  And at the very end we’ll have an exhibition round-robin among the instructors with dueling sabre.  Sunday April 10th will be an open sala, meaning that the floor is open to fencing, lessons, and socialization.

Keep an eye out as we finalize details, and to learn all about how things work out.  We’d love to see you at the tourney, even if it’s just to watch.


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