Fencing on the Frozen Tundra

The Incontro Explained

In fencing, a double-hit occurs when both fencers receive a touch during the same exchange.

from Eugenio Pini (1903)

The double hit occurs in seven ways:

1) when an attack is performed correctly in or out of measure, and is opposed with an arrest, time thrust, or body evasion in which the counterattacker neither covers himself with opposition of the hand, nor selects the propitious moment to initiate his action, the counterattacker is at fault;

First Incontro Explained with Video

2) when, following a riposte with feints, the counterattacker effects the replacement in time, the counterattacker is in error;

Second Incontro Explained with Video

3) when the simple replacement or second thrust is accomplished against an adversary who ripostes rapidly, and without a retreat, there is a double hit, the fencer who repeats the thrust is at fault;

Third Incontro Explained with Video

4) when a fencer has parried an attack and rests on the parry, and then ripostes late and is touched by a simple replacement or second thrust, the defender is responsible for the double hit and error;

Fourth Incontro Explained with Video

5) when during the execution of an attack the opposing steel is not sufficiently deviated from the line and therefore causes a double hit, the attacker is at fault;

Fifth Incontro Explained with Video

6) when, during an attack with an advance, the attacker stops or hesitates after the first step, and then invites or feints, thus provoking a counterattack, he is in error;

Sixth Incontro Explained with Video

7) when two fencers launch an assault at the same moment, both are at fault.

Seventh Incontro Explained with Video

“these occur far too often…the result of forgetfulness, ignorance, or bad faith.”


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